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Most Frequently Asked Questions

A. First, you’ll need to fill out a short form and schedule a free Dynamic Health Discovery™ consultation with our team. In that virtual visit, we’ll walk you through everything that you’ll need to know about working with us, pricing info, and the next steps.

A. Super easy. You’ll have a virtual visit with a wellness counselor – and the best part is, you won’t have to leave the house.

Then, you’ll have blood work done at a nearby lab.

Once your results are ready, you’ll review them with a doctor virtually.

Finally, medications and supplements will be delivered directly to your home. 

From there, you’ll be in contact with your wellness counselor about your customized plan.

A. Our board-certified physicians are highly trained in functional medicine and the latest in medical optimization. Unlike your primary care physician, who’s there to work retroactively and medicate based on ailments, we move to act PROACTIVELY and optimize your entire well-being. 

On top of highly trained providers, you have the opportunity to work one on one with a wellness counselor. Their main focus is to guide you through the process, explain your protocol, and ensure all of your questions are answered – all at your fingertips.

A. Great news – since all appointments are virtual, we can work with you no matter which of the 50 states you live in!

A. Currently Dynamic.Club does not accept insurance directly. However, you may be able to receive some reimbursement through a manual submittal process. Just ask us for more details on how to do this! 

A. Our team of skilled staff will pair you with the most appropriate provider based on your needs and goals.

A. No. We work with specialized compound pharmacies that fill each prescription using only the best and freshest ingredients. Then, these prescriptions are mailed directly to you.

A. This can vary. It could be as soon as two days, but as long as two weeks to get results for some lab tests.

A. Dynamic.Club’s guided optimization process includes thorough diagnostics that go far beyond what is typically included in an annual check-up with your general practitioner.  We believe in comprehensive testing and accurate results. That’s why we specifically seek out high-sensitivity and the most up-to-date testing. The detailed results of this additional testing, in combination with one-on-one counseling with the medical provider, will be used to develop a comprehensive lab report and your customized treatment plan. 

We require, at a minimum, the comprehensive male/female panel to begin the guided Dynamic Metabolic Optimization™ process.

We also require all Dynamic clients to complete thorough diagnostic lab work at least every six months.

A. That’s a bit of a loaded question since most telehealth platforms check estrogen and testosterone levels to determine whether or not a client is the right fit —but it’s not so cut and dried.

The ranges we have for hormone health vary between labs, but they’re also arbitrary and don’t necessarily paint the whole picture of what’s going on.

As mentioned earlier, bodies differ from person to person which means symptoms and “optimal” hormone levels do too.

Some people have markers suggesting they’re in desperate need of hormone replacement; yet they show no classic signs like fatigue, anxiety, or low libido. Others have impeccable markers suggesting that everything is fine, yet they’re experiencing all the corresponding symptoms.

That’s why the main Dynamic.Club packages come with a provider consultation— not to just prescribe your hormone therapy, but to make sure that your body lines up with what the labs indicate.

It’s possible that you’re experiencing a thyroid issue or maybe you’re vitamin B12 deficient—but ultimately, we won’t find out until we dig deeper and look at your overall health versus just your hormone levels.

A. First and foremost, not everything that we prescribe is injectable. In fact, most of what we provide for our patients is oral medications or supplements.

Secondly, there are now many topical creams that can be utilized as a substitute for injectable hormones.

Lastly, if an injection is an absolute must for your optimization, we’ll be there every step of the way to walk you through it and provide unlimited support.

A. We work with patients with all types of ailments such as autoimmune diseases, diabetes, hypertension, menopause, etc.

It’s actually more common than not that our patients have a pre-existing ailment.

We can cover our expertise on your free Dynamic Health Discovery™ with the team.

A. Bioidentical hormones are hormones that are chemically identical to those produced by the human body. They’re often used in hormone replacement therapy to treat conditions related to hormonal imbalances, such as menopause or low levels of hormones.

Bioidentical hormones can be derived from plant sources like yams or soybeans, and are chemically modified to be structurally identical to human hormones.

One advantage of bioidentical hormones is that they may be more closely matched to the body’s own hormones and may be less likely to cause side effects compared to non-bioidentical hormones. As with any type of HRT, the decision to use bioidentical hormones should be made in consultation with a healthcare professional.

A. Some studies have suggested that Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) may be associated with an increased risk of certain types of cancer, particularly breast cancer. However, the evidence is not clear and the risk may depend on various factors such as the type and dose of hormones used, the duration of treatment, and the age of the individual taking the hormones.

It is important to note that HRT can also have potential benefits, such as relieving menopausal symptoms and possibly reducing the risk of osteoporosis and colorectal cancer. The decision to use HRT should be made on an individual basis, taking into account an individual’s specific needs and medical history, and should be made in consultation with a practitioner.

A. Yes, we are HIPAA compliant.